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School Mass

There will be a downloadable faith formation PowerPoint and PDF documents - available at the start of each month. The documents will be a visual reflection to highlight the liturgical and natural season as well as taking into account the school cycle. The first is entitled ‘Autumn Prayer for Spiritan Schools’ and is freely available to every member of the Spiritian school community. They can be accompanied by an instrumental piece of music either live or recorded and I welcome their use in a variety of group settings. Log on to see a new prayer each month!

Caroline, Fr Marc and myself will begin to facilitate retreats in Kimmage Manor in the first week in September and are fully booked up with 1st years, 5th and 6th years until the end of November, see details below.

There has already been a Spiritan TY Youth day committee meeting. We have chosen ‘Believe, Belong, Become’ as our theme and are eagerly planning the day. It will happen on 7th April in the RDS and the energy for its planning is contagious! If you feel you would like to contribute to this day feel free to make contact as all help from will be gratefully received.

As a response to our In-Service on Bereavement last year ‘Rainbows’ training is going ahead on 17th & 18th of September and is kindly being hosted by St Michael’s Junior School. At the moment there are 24 teachers booked on the course and we extra places if there is any other interest.

There is an Adult Spirituality link addition to this part of the website and it is for all adult members of the Spiritan community. It is simply Spiritual food for thought.

Please feel free to dip in and out of this page of the DEA website and if you have any ideas or suggestions I would be delighted to hear them.
Also I would love to hear from any of the Parents Association members who are interested in meeting with me to have some form of group prayer, reflection, time-out or whatever.

Blessings to all,
Faith Development Officer

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Spiritan Prayers

To download the prayers below please click to download or right click on each image and select "Save target as" or "Save link as" to save the prayer slides to your computer.

Please note: these prayer slides are in PowerPoint or PDF format. Microsoft PowerPoint or the free Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer are required to view PowerPoint files. Adobe Reader, also free, is required to view PDF files.

September Morning Prayer

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 955kb

May \ Graduation Reflection

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 491kb

Lenten Prayer

Click to download prayer

File format: PowerPoint 97 - 2003
File size: 3.44mb

You are either Bread or Stone

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 57.1kb

Lenten Prayers for Hungry People

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 82.2kb

Lenten Prayers

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 65.8kb


Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 0.55mb

Leadership Prayer

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 284kb

Advent Prayer

Click to download prayer

File format: PowerPoint 97 - 2003
File size: 1.75mb

Saints of the Season

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 208kb

A Service of Remembrance

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 103kb

Our Candle Prayer

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 68kb

Fully Alive in God's Love

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 104kb

A Prayer for November

Click to download prayer

File format: Adobe Reader PDF
File size: 58kb

Faith Friends
Faith Friends
Faith Friends
Faith Friends
  Faith Development and Ethos  
  This area of our site is dedicated to the Faith Development and Ethos of the Des Places Educational Association and is for everyone on the College campus. Here we will provide resources, share news about our Spiritan Schools liturgical calendars, offer templates for the celebration of the Eucharist and prayer services and also make suggestions for a sacred space in your school that will celebrate the liturgical year and echo the natural rhythms of the seasons.

Catholic education is transformative education. It’s starting point is the dignity of each human being. Through the marriage of information and formation it works to launch each student into a life that is inspired by and grounded in Gospel values. The Spiritan educational ethos is immersed in this transformative education.

Faith Development is at the very heart of the Spiritan educational ethos. The seven core values (as listed on the homepage) are challenges that call us to ignite our ‘Yes’ to faith. When we work together to sustain these values as a lived reality in the daily life of our schools they enable us to realise the full human potential of every student and colleague alike.
  Moments with God
  To pray is to communicate with God. When we spend time with God in prayer, we get to know and love God at a deeper level, and we grow in our understanding of God’s unconditional love for us. We encourage each other to take some time out of our day to establish a prayer routine. Whether one chooses to pray in a specific sacred space, on the bus or online is not important, establishing a routine of prayer is.

Online prayer offers many different possibilities as there is a huge bank of prayers available. We will have a selection of websites available in the login section of Faith Development and Ethos.

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  The p 4 4 challenge!
  P 4 4 is text talk. It is a call to pray for four minutes. Why not decide to pray for your family, your friends, or yourself on a regular basis? This means making a promise to P 4 4 minutes each day (or each week!). Like every relationship we value, our relationship with God takes time and commitment, we have to work at it. Take the P 4 4 challenge and make regular prayer part of life!

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  Creating a sacred prayer space
  It is very worthwhile to set up a sacred prayer space in your school. This space can be full of detail or consist of one or two items that symbolise the work that has been explored in class and the daily life of the school. A sacred space can be located in the oratory, the prayer room, the RE room, the assembly hall or even in the entrance hall. Try not to confine it to a small corner or to a place that has very little traffic. Think of the sacred prayer space in terms of a web page that can be updated regularly. If it is a space that changes and grows, it will arouse curiosity and capture the imagination in a more vivid light. In this way, it can serve as an effective means of celebrating and making visible the school’s commitment to faith development through the Spiritan ethos while marking the natural rhythms of the calendar year.

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  Believe - belong - become
  Finally, to believe is one thing but to believe on your own is another. We often hear people say ‘I’m not a Holy Joe, but I do believe in God’. What does this mean? Does being a ‘Holy Joe’ mean that you belong to a faith community? Does it mean that you are trying to develop a prayer life with God? If that is so what’s wrong with being a ‘Holy Joe’?! When we believe, we are invited to nourish our belief by belonging to a faith community. We encourage and care for each other as part of any community so as part of a faith community it is the same. When we believe, it is only when we belong that we can become more than we already are. We can become people who have a deep and meaningful relationship with God and with others. We can become a person who gives of themselves for others through prayer and good actions.

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  Faith Friends

On May 18th the students from St Mary’s and Blackrock College who took part in the Spiritan Faith Friends programme came together to get involved in teambuilding games, play Tag Rugby and Soccer, pray and eat!

The teamwork games gave us a glimpse of future leaders and innovative team players while the rugby and football brought out the competitive spirit in all. Fr Denis acted as referee while Mr O’ Reilly scored a try.

We had a great day together and our student representatives shared their thoughts on the Faith Friends programme during the liturgy. Fr Marc spoke to the boys about relationships based on Christian love and Fr Seamus both presented the certificates and thanked the boys for their work on the programme. Barbara and Colm arrived with a magnificent feast and silence prevailed as the boys ate!

A Sincere thanks and a big Well Done! to each school: Blackrock College and Willow Park, St Mary’s Junior and Senior schools for facilitating the programme and for the level of commitment shown.

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  Faith Friends - My Experience
By Rory Tisdell

Recently I put myself forward for the Faith Friends programme in my Spiritan School. I must admit I was not so sure about what I was actually getting myself into. Faith Friends is a peer ministry programme that entails five sessions with a 6th class group. Before that session the Transition year group have three training sessions with the Faith Development Officer. I was surprised and actually quite taken aback when I realised exactly what the programme was all about and what my role in it was. However, instead of walking away from it I stuck with it and now am really happy I did!

I got to meet lots of 6th form guys and I think that the programme will benefit all of us next year as we will be in the same school. Also I reckon that it will help them next year as first years to feel more at home and less anxious about their transition to senior school. They will already know senior students and we will help them settle in.

During the programme I had the chance to share my faith experiences with the 6th class group and help them prepare to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. I hope I have done this well. I think I did!

I think this experience as a mentor will benefit me greatly in my future life. Most of all I have learned a lot more about my own faith and I thought it was only going to be about the younger lads learning!  I really feel that this will be of great value to me in my life. Now that the programme has come to a close and we are finished our group work I am proud of my involvement and my courage to stay with it for the duration. I have learned a lot and hopefully have shared my own faith, oh, and been a friend!

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Faith Friends

  Spiritan Prayers
The Heart, Mind and Soul

Francis Libermann

A ship has sails and rudder;
The wind blows into the sail,
Getting the ship to proceed as it should,
So it advances by its sails
And takes its general direction.

Yet this direction could be too vague And could lead the ship astray at times. So there is the rudder,
To guide it exactly in its due course Without straying in any way.

Your soul is the ship,
Your heart represents the sail,
The Holy Spirit is the wind;
He blows into your will
and your soul goes forward,
Proceeding towards the goal God proposes for it.

Your mind is the rudder to prevent you, In the strength and vivacity
Of the movement given to your heart,
From departing from the straight line
Determined by the divine goodness.

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  A Jubilee prayer  
  Good and gracious God,
With joy and gratitude
We celebrate our participation
In the mission of Christ.
In communion with Him
And all people,
We continue to proclaim
A salvation
That is a gift
From God,
Liberation from
all that oppresses people,
Joy in knowing the Lord
And being known by Him.
With one heart and one mind
May your Spirit of holiness
Continue to guide our steps
On the journey of faith
Towards the future
That is your gift to us.

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